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Information on bioregulators, developed by scientists of the St. Petersburg Institute, who have the greatest experience in working with peptides. The team of the Institute under the direction of Prof. Khavinson has developed a whole series of natural preparations.


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The basis of biologically active food supplement preparations forming peptides isolated from different organs and tissues healthy young animals. These peptides are absolutely safe to use and do not cause any adverse reactions.


Peptide Bioregulators

It is recommended together several peptide preparations to use in a complex. When supporting multiple functions simultaneously, better results can be achieved. Learn more about possible schemes combined use of peptide bioregulators.

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Special peptide bioregulators in high quality 'Made in Germany' is offered by a German company Previtalica. Thanks to many years of project management experience in the development and manufacture of natural peptide bioregulators, Previtalica can offer special preparations tailored to the needs and desires of its customers. In collaboration with Previtalica, therapists and clinics can get exactly the products they need for their therapeutic concepts. A special feature of Previtalica is that in addition to large production volumes, the company can also offer relatively small quantities of products. The company distinguishes itself with good German reliability, competence and good service. For therapists (therapist groups) or clinics, Previtalica is the right partner for high quality peptide bioregulators or peptide-bioregulator complexes.

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Peptides and their role

Each cell produces/synthesizes proteins. This process is vital for the cells ability to develop and function properly. In the course of the protein metabolism protein molecules break down into smaller fractions = peptides. These peptides are in turn used by the cells to new proteins to form. A sufficient amount of peptide is needed for optimal protein synthesis, and thus cell function. Do the cells well, then the organs and body systems work well. In young body protein synthesis works very well and it is sufficiently formed on peptides. With increasing age, unfortunately, falls rapidly the intensity of protein synthesis in cells. That is also the reason why many body systems at the age may not function properly. But scientists have made another shocking discovery. Even at a young organism under the influence of extreme adverse conditions, such as permanent psycho emotional stress, increased physical stress, harmful environmental factors, poor diet etc. decreases the intensity of protein synthesis in the body cells also rapidly. The result - wear of tissues and premature aging of the organism.

Certainly, everyone already has identified by us, that people who increased loads are exposed (hard physical work, extreme sports, disease, malnutrition, etc.) look older than the average citizen. In turn, people who qualitatively high-quality and balanced feed, lead a quiet life, different from the crowd with her younger and healthy look.

Peptide deficiency is one of the main factors of dysfunction of body systems and the premature aging of the organism. Peptide deficiency can be influenced by the diet in which one in particular amounts will permanently certain foods to be. A better alternative is the use of food supplements based on peptides. With the use of peptides isolated from certain animal organs and tissues can be specifically affect the peptide deficiency contrary. A series of such peptide preparations was first developed in Russia by Professor V.Khavinson and the team of the St. Petersburg Institute of bio-regulation and Gerontology. Information about these products we offer on our website.

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